Delta Kush CBD Flower

Delta Kush CBD Flower

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We searched far and wide for premium quality, specially-sourced Delta-8 THC infused CBD flower which is clean, potent, and effective. Our Delta Kush strain is an Indica variety and is bred from a landrace originating in the Northern mountains of India and Pakistan.

Packed with 798 mg of total cannabinoids in every ⅛ oz container, this product is exceptionally potent and the Delta-8 THC infusion makes it much more therapeutic than just regular CBD flower. Consider Delta Kush if Delta-9 provides relief but makes you anxious or exacerbates your sleeplessness or depression. For those who don’t like how Delta-9 makes them feel but benefit from its therapeutic effects, Delta Kush is the perfect replacement.

Our flower is hand-trimmed. Its compact hemp flowers feature green hues with golden-orange carpels showing from under the layer of trichomes. Delta Kush has a profound relaxing effect as it helps with focus and anxiety. It does encourage appetite but it does not make you mindlessly hungry. Ramping up your appetite is a core feature of regular Delta-9 THC which causes unwanted weight gain but this is largely mitigated with Delta-8 THC infused flower due to the qualities of Delta-8 and also the presence of CBD and other minor cannabinoids.

As per our mantra, we never add any unwanted additions to our products with our Delta Kush flower being no different.
Our flower is 100% Nitrogen sealed and since this is an inert gas, it preserves freshness thus minimizing oxidation that can cause foods to lose their freshness and deteriorate faster.


US-grown CBD hemp flower & US-grown hemp-derived Delta 8 THC.


We suggest vaping this cannabinoid-rich flower at 410° F for optimum flavor and terpene release.

Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any medical conditions before use.

This product may cause psychoactivity. Please do not drive or operate heavy machinery after use.

100% Federally Legal Product:

Contains less than 0.3% Δ9 THC. Some states do not abide by the federal standard and impose their own laws regarding THC content. Please understand your state’s laws before purchasing. All sales are completed in accordance with Farm Bill 7606. We do not ship outside the USA.

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