Our interest and speciality in rare and minor compounds started a decade and a half ago when we moved from breeding traditional plants to minors which have added therapeutic effects beyond just psychoactivity. This was unusual at the time since there weren’t many genetics available in the market with non-psychoactive traits back then.

Around this same time, our founder was diagnosed with high-grade cancer and had to go through the rigors of immunotherapy along with it's resultant side-effects. The concentrates and oil derived from these initial strains worked wonders which further strengthened our drive to make these underappreciated compounds readily available for everyone.

We’re delighted society’s attitude about this miracle plant has since evolved and we’ve been able to partner with speciality and boutique hemp farms that cultivate these lesser known strains. We’ve built relationships with accredited laboratories to extract these compounds using cGMP-certified processes to make them available to our customers seeking a holistic approach towards their health and well being.

We only believe in whole plant extracts and you’ll never find any isolates or synthetic compounds in any of our products. Join us in our journey as we source and develop more rare compounds from this plant which has served humankind for thousands of years.