Full Altitude & Weight loss

We’ve all heard about cannabinoids causing the munchies, but have you heard of a cannabinoid helping to reduce weight? Read below to learn more!

Full altitude is made of two unique whole-plant hemp extracts. These extracts are from strains that are naturally high in minor cannabinoids. One of the strains used to formulate Full Altitude is the only natural, industrial hemp-derived source of high THCV in the northern hemisphere that is proven safe. All other sources of high THCV are either derived from federally illegal marijuana or synthetically fabricated and are not certified to be proven safe. Synthetic THCV may cause high anxiety, face burning, harsh migraines, insomnia, and other discomforts. Our extract is the only certified and proven safe source for high THCV.


A recent NIH study demonstrated that this is the world's only hemp extract scientifically proven for not only rapid weight loss, reduction in hunger, fewer food cravings, but also a safe and effective anti-inflammatory agent. The study showed that 100 out of 100 subjects taking the extract for 90 days safely lost up to 22lbs and 7 inches off their waist, while those taking the placebo gained weight on average. The recent clinical study showed:

1  64% of the Placebo Group either gained weight or stayed the same weight.

2  100 out of 100 subjects lost weight without changing diet or exercise.

3  61% had a reduction in hunger.

4  39% reduction in desire for sugary foods

5  Clinically proven reduction in abdominal girth - up to 7 inches in 90 days.

6  Safely lowered inflammation and effectively combats inflammatory response.

7  There was a significant reduction across five different kinds of inflammation.


Most products aimed at weight control are frequently not backed by science or considered safe. Ours is a safe and effective hemp-derived ingredient that can help manage cravings, jump-start weight loss, and reduce anxiety. 

Need a little boost in your weight loss journey? Use our Full Altitude Hemp Resin Drops to help and kick start your weight loss journey.