10 Facts about CBD

There is a lot of information about CBD online, and here is a collection of some of the most interesting facts about CBD oil;

  1. There are more than 85 types of cannabinoids. CBD is a short form for cannabidiol; however, cannabis oil contains more than 60 kinds of cannabinoids, and science has discovered the health benefits of just a few of them so far.

  2. CBD was first discovered in the 1940s. Humans have used cannabis for thousands of years, both for health benefits and recreation. Since cannabis has a substance called THC that causes euphoria and addiction at high dosages, cannabis was widely illegalized in the mid-20th century. However, researchers first discovered CBD in the 1940s, and have been able to isolate it since the 1960s. It led to a better understanding of cannabis and ways of using it safely.

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  3. CBD is non-intoxicating. 

  4. CBD works better with other cannabinoids. Most pharmacological drugs use just a single chemical compound to manage health conditions. However, studies show that this strategy does not work with natural compounds. CBD works better with other cannabinoids, and this phenomenon is called the entourage effect. This is why we stand behind full spectrum products, like our Full Altitude hemp resin drops, the best of eight cannabinoid compounds rolled into one for a fuller, all-encompassing effect.

  5. CBD works by influencing both the endocannabinoid system and non-ECS pathways. Discovery of the endocannabinoid system was a considerable advance in understanding the way CBD exerts its effects on various body functions. Endocannabinoid receptors are present in the brain and different body tissues. It is vital to realize that cannabinoids also influence non-ECS pathways.

  6. CBD is extremely useful when it comes to women’s health issues. CBD can be beneficial for women to help alleviate symptoms that they face during their periods. CBD can help in controlling menstrual pain, reducing bloating, and stabilizing mood.

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  7. There is no established effective dose of CBD. Although so many people are using CBD oil or other products to manage health conditions, science has not been able to establish its ideal dosage for various health issues. It means that the only way to find the right dosage is through trial and error and that perfect doses may vary from person to person. 

  8. CBD oil has been historically used by Queen Victoria. There are records of Queen Victoria using CBD during her reign of England. She reportedly used CBD to help deal with menstrual cramps. Her personal physician Sir J. Russel Reynolds advocated the use of cannabis to alleviate the pain she faced during her periods. By doing so, she got substantial relief.

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  9. CBD can negate the effects of THC. While THC has been known to cause anxiety, paranoia, and increased levels of stress along with a high, CBD actually brings about the opposite. For this reason, CBD is being used more and more to treat anxiety and depression.

  10. If you’re nervous about speaking, try CBD oil. A 2011 study published in “Neuropsychopharmacology” found that a single dose of CBD was enough to reduce anxiety, cognitive impairment, and overall discomfort in patients with Social Anxiety Disorder as they prepared to speak publicly.

How many of the above facts did you already know?